Effective SEO Objectives

chartofweek-06-29-10-lpI wrote about this Marketing Sherpa Search Engine Optimization chart on our website in an Effective SEO Objectives post, but I did not want people who follow this blog to miss out on this chart or that article.

The information is very interesting when you consider what B2B and B2C companies are trying to accomplish relative to their SEO strategy. It seems that more and more companies are beginning to blend their SEO, marketing, public relations, internet technology and corporate communications into a cross-functional department. The goals of all these traditional departments and functions seem to overlap, and companies both realize that and are working toward creating an environment where the message and the goals are the same.

From a traditional marketing standpoint, there are still a few great questions that must be considered no matter which company function takes the lead.

  • Which function will take the lead at determining the company message?
  • How will that message be delivered/managed through out the company and across which media?
  • What metrics should we look at to determine success? Actual sales, branding, sentiment, reputation management and online traffic/reach?

Brand awareness, reputation management and public relations are objectives for SEO efforts and it definitely demonstrates a connection between social media and search engine optimization (which is why mRELEVANCE operates at the Intersection of Social and Search).

“Which function in your company takes the lead with regard to these tactics? PR, marketing, Internet technology, corporate communications or social media.” Please comment on this post to let me know how your company handles these objectives.

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