Patriotism? I’m just sayin’

American FlagToday is the Fourth of July, the birthday of our GREAT nation. The Unites States of America has been through so many things over the past 234 years, so much history – even over the past few decades. A few short weeks ago I had the honor of attending the University of Cincinnati’s Graduation ceremony where Nathaniel Jones gave the commencement speech. His speech hinted on the distance our great nation has come in several areas (slavery, the depression, equality, civil rights, science and travel) but during his speech, I wondered about Patriotism.

During our time in American History, since September 11th, we have called out our patriotic nature and displayed our flag, our colors, and talked about our devotion to our heritage. We are a great nation, in part, due to our diversity and melting pot ethnicity. Although I consider myself very patriotic, there is one thing that I wish to change on this Fourth of July to show off our Patriotism even more.

I remember going to baseball games or other events when I was younger and singing the the Star Spangled Banner. In fact, I remember the announcers introduction of the singer whose task was to “lead us in the singing of our National Anthem.” I still go to events and I still actually sing with the celebrity, but I am in the minority. Today, the Star Spangled Banner and the opening of these kinds of events seems to be more of a show for the talent than a demonstration and respect for our country. Even since 9/11, when it seems “America the Beautiful” was added to the opening ceremonies, the audience still only stands, sometimes removes their hats and puts their hands over their hearts.

So that is what I want to return to this year and forever, the patriotism we show as a group when the National Anthem or other song from our American heritage is sung. Be proud to be an American, living in the best country in the world. Show our troops that we are behind them and want them to return safely and victoriously. Demonstrate your loyalty and respect for our country by doing a very simply thing…sing the Star Spangled Banner whenever you hear it, and if you are lucky enough to be the talent honored to sing in front of everyone, use that stage to lead our nation in our most honored song.

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