Using Social Media in your Workload

Using social media during the day for business purposes while making sure your efforts are both effective and efficient is a challenge.  This week I wrote a post on mRELEVANCE that discusses how to keep focused on this challenge.

Effective social media means making sure you have the proper goals in mind when determining key performance indicators.  Are you trying to become your industry’s most credible resource and trying to be found on multiple sites (listed on multiple Google SERPs)?

Efficient social media is using your time wisely and not getting sidetracked when posting or updating. for many people, going onto a social networking site requires more time than necessary, due to the social nature and the desire to interact with your ‘friends’.  Remember, when working and trying to be efficient, that time spent ‘networking’ with your elementary school chums is not an efficient use of your time – they are generally not your target market.  Be cognizant of the amount of time you spend working social media, as compared to the amount of time you spend playing on social networking sites.

For more tips, visit this Social Media Workload post.

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